The Ultimate Limescale Free Home

limescale with soft water

No More Tedious Limescale Removal Products

When limescale is deposited on the interior of your pipework, your heating system, your appliances and your surfaces, it is clogging and coating your home with an unwanted residue. You will have noticed your beautiful bright chrome fittings slowly deteriorate in appearance over time and that things like taps and shower heads become less efficient. The use of strong chemicals to remove the limescale starts to discolour the chrome as well. It’s a never ending circle. Inside your house appliances, the limescale builds up corroding heating elements (think of your kettle, washing machine, dishwasher, coffee machine as well as your heating system). Life expectancy is reduced. You spend more money on replacing these items. By removing the limescale with soft water, you start to protect your appliances, they work better, live longer and cost you far less money over time. No Limescale With Soft Water